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On the Job with  a Lei-Maker



Fodors Oahu


Online Version

Where to Eat / Where to Stay






One Man’s Quest to Rid Teachers of Unconscious Bias

In the True Spirit of Aloha, One Poor Community is Working to Educate Its Kids




AARP 2018 Oahu Destination Guide

(all sections, including Destination, Planning Your Trip, Dining Out, etc)




Specialty Projects – Writer & Editor

Hawaii Gives Back: The Spirit of Philanthropy

Kakaako Magazine 2016

Kakaako Magazine 2017

West Oahu Magazine 2017

West Oahu Magazine 2018







Westways AAA HawaiiLove This Boat: Pride of America is the perfect Hawaii Staycation, (Mar/Apr 2016)

Old Tree, New Bling: Waikiki’s New International Marketplace

Great Groceries: Foodland Farms Goes Big at Ala Moana

Inside Job (Hawaii Correctional Industries Christmas Fair)

Holiday Imports: Unwrapping the Trade Secrets of Christmas Trees in the Islands (Nov 2017)

Holoholo: Kailua (March 2017)




Leasehold ProHawaii Business magazineperties: A Deal or a Drain?

Small Business People of the Year

Kakaako Redevelopment 

Divorce is Big Business

Actors Make Good Medicine

Kahala Renaissance

 Hawaii’s 529 Plan:Does it Make the Grade?

Kakaako’s Affordable Housing – Is It?

    Honolulu’s IBM Building: Ahead of it’s Time

       Size Matters                                                                            Yes, Locals Live in Kakaako

Still Cruise’n                                                Shearwater Protection Extends Out to Sea

Mentors are Real, Not Mythological!

No Phones in Your Meeting? You’ll Live

The Strange Case of the Disappearing Boss

 Kids at Work, What to Wear, and Unlimited Vacation

Help! Gift Collectors are After Me Again!Help!

Toughest Question: What are Your Salary Requirements? 

Food Pushers are Stalking Me!

Am I Too Old to Change From White Collar to Blue?

Are We Ever Getting Back Together?

I’ve Been Promoted and I’m Terrified! 

The Dreaded Christmas Party!

I Screwed Up. What Now? 

Should I Jump into the Gig Economy?

Bring Your Own Device? It’s Tricky


A Royal Mum and a Royal Baby and All the World to See

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 2.51.16 PMSay It Ain’t So! HCDA Says NO to Affordable Rentals 

Homelessness is Complicated. But We Can Do Better



Inside Out Honolulu

Show Stopper                                                      Road Scholars

Prime Time Artist                                                      Boho Chic

Mitch Match

Twist of Fate

 Canine Comforts Children

Child’s Play



go kailua

Point of View: An Artist’s Life

Point of View: Geoff Lee – Making a living doing what he loves

Kailua and Lanikai Paddling: A Family Rivalry

Boys & Girls Club: Public Private Partnership Pays Off  (pg 58)

The Big Dig (pg 22)

LeJardin Academy

The Windward Choral Society

Buzzing for 55 Years

Kapaa Road’s New Look

Kuulei Road is Where it’s Happening

Kihapai Street’s Happening Spots




The New Vanguard: Interior Designer Michelle Jaime

Cruise Control

Vision Quest

Corp. Power: Honolulu’s New Art Patron





Full Grown People  Hit Upside the Head

Friendship and a Bottle of Mirto

The Detour Path

Aloha Hilton Hawaii Village Magazine



Jerry Santos, Henry Kapono, and the Sounds of Aloha: Hawaiian Music (pg 38)







Kahala Magazine



A Classroom In Disguise (pg 23)

Good Neighbor Policy (pg 27)

Dolphin Lagoon (pg 23)







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I Don’t Get It




Civil Beat Hawaii


Uncle Ted and Billy

Hawaii Deserves Better Than State Legislature Delivers



Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 4.47.17 PMLearning Happens When You Least Expect It.

Travel Books, Education, and Changing Your Mind.

Seven Lessons I Learned Homeschooling




Hillary’s Stumble — A Warrior’s Cry

mediumMaking American Great Again — Then and Now

Looking Back for Inspiration





Raising Kids: Advice for My Niece

Ditch the Stuff: Ten Reasons to Travel Light



Guest Posts Here & There

Perseverance, Writing & Middle Age 

Domestic Violence Can Happen to Anyone



Our roadschool aFVBnd education adventures are  captured on my FamilyVagabonding blog.




My feature stories and profile pieces have appeared in in-house hospitality magazines for hotels and resorts around Hawaii.

My work has also appeared in brilliant but unfortunately now defunct outlets like The Traveler’s Library, Travelati, and a host of newsletters and web sites. (I stand firm that the quality of my work and their now defunct status are in no way related.)


Want more info?  I look forward to hearing from you.

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