What I’m Reading

I’m always curious what people are reading.  I stare at people on buses and subways to see their book titles. I study the bookshelves in people’s homes, even people I don’t know. (And after seeing what they read, I sometimes know I might not want to know them.)  I ask friends what their book clubs are reading, what their kids are reading.

I can’t wander by an independent bookstore without wandering in. And then wandering out, hours later, with stacks of books to add to my collection. I read most of them. Eventually. But mostly I remember the indy store where I bought each and every one, and I dream about the day I’ll actually read everything on my shelves, my nightstand, piled in my office.

Then there’s my Kindle. I refuse to admit how many books are in my Kindle account. But I’ll never be at a loss for what to read.


Everything-Hardcover-Jacket-e1369172295746Right now, I’m awaiting the release of my friend’s new novel, The Explanation for Everything.  It comes out in two more days, and from the first five chapters iBooks let me download for free, I think I’ll stock up on supplies and pretend Tuesday is a snow day. (We don’t have those in Hawaii, unfortunately, but I like to pretend.)


So what are you reading?

Thanks for stopping by.