What Exactly Do I Do, You Wonder?

whats-your-storyI tell stories.

I believe everybody, every business, every organization, every passion, every start-up, and every everything has a story that needs to be told.

Stories connect us, inspire us, call us to action, and bring us to reflection. They bring order to our crazy, chaotic world.

I’ve done the corporate thing and know how to write business plans, strategic plans and communications plans.  I’ve whipped out talking points and one pagers and bullet points on everything from ugly fish to mixed-waste recycling to corporate governance to luxury (and not so luxury) accommodations, and even anal leakage.

And, yes. I’ve tried to delete permanently that last one from my memory bank of projects.

I know social media and how it’s just perfect for some things and sucks for others.  I know that one size doesn’t fit all and every situation deserves the best message, the best story, and the best delivery.

I write 7500+ word essays and white papers and issue briefs, then turn around and write 250 word editorial letters so good that moms cut them out and send to their kids.

Just be warned; 250 words takes way longer. (But with a deadline, I’m still freaky fast.)

Writing a good rant is like a bowl of Java chocolate chip ice cream for me. Writing a story of good works done well and bringing my readers to tears and looking to help, that gets me up in the morning.

I’m an entrepreneur who’s founded a small business and hung out my own shingle.  I’ve been — and am again —  the chief cook and bottle washer. I’ve been the business owner who tried to do it all, and who eventually learned to get out of her own way, to out-source occasionally, so she could do what she was supposed to do:  build and run the business.

I’m a freelance writer/communicator.

I’ve spent a lifetime putting together the pieces and parts to tell the stories that make a difference.

I help big companies, start-ups, not-for-profits, publications, websites, and friends with big ideas and dreams find and tell their story. (Sometimes the friends are charged less; that’s one of the perks.)

I tell stories.

I’m pretty sure I could help tell yours too.


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