Grace, Blessings, and Being Thankful

Sometimes it’s hard, what with injustice and sadness and tragedy in the world. Ferguson. ISIS. Cancer. Rape. Abuse. Sometimes it feels too heavy, too much, more than we can carry.

But we do, because that’s who we are. We believe in change. We believe in the good of the human spirit. We believe that change comes when people stand up, speak out, and do what’s right. And we believe in the beauty and mystery and glory of the world we all share, the little things in life that bring smiles, the joy of deep laughter that brings tears and stomach cramps. We believe in love and connection and celebration, even in – and maybe especially in – those dark days that make us cry.

And so today, I am thankful for grace and the beauty of this planet we share.

I’m thankful for the sound of teenagers’ deep, free laughter,

for family-only inside jokes,

for cookies made at midnight,

and a flour-strewn, dishes-piled, cooktop-covered-in-gunk kitchen announcing that the celebration has begun.

I’m thankful for friends,

the ones I can call at any time, whenever I need them, and they know exactly what to say,

the ones who share their secrets and protect mine, who love me as I am, even when I’m not at my most lovable best.

I’m thankful for artists and writers and dreamers.

I’m thankful for my writing groups, brave women who share their work and their wisdom,

and for editors – those who make my work better, and even those who say no thanks. They make me better too.

I’m thankful for the small pleasures, like that Scandal, The Good Wife, How to Get Away with Murder, and Newsroom are all on at different times, and even if they weren’t, the TV gods have given us On Demand.

I’m thankful for single parents and friends who open their home to bring together families of all shapes and sizes on this special day.

I’m thankful for airplanes that bring family home and airplanes that bring the world within reach.

I’m thankful for Paris, where I write and laugh and love,

for Sydney where I dream,

for New York where I get lost on Broadway,

and for Honolulu, where I come home to sand and sunsets still unrivaled around the world.

I’m thankful for the little things, like a dishwasher and air conditioning and hair products that actually work.

I’m thankful for dark chocolate, white wine, and champagne. And of course, croissants. In Paris. I’m really thankful for those, and that I only spend a month/year there, so I’m not likely to double in size due to my croissant consumption.

I’m thankful for the really smart folks out there, those whose voices speak out on things like climate warming and spousal abuse and police brutality and domestic violence and all the things I care so much about. Their voices give me hope.

I’m thankful for you, that you take time in your busy world to click and read these words, to hopefully take something from them, and maybe, just maybe, come back from time to time to check in to see what’s new.

I’m thankful for my voice and my little dream that with it, and with you, and with others who feel deeply and care fiercely and love unconditionally, that we can make a difference in this little chunk of the universe we call home.

And now I’ve got to go make the green beans and mash the potatoes. (Oh. And yes, I’m also very thankful someone else got the turkey cooking assignment this year.)

Happy Thanksgiving.