Friday Night Writes — Middle Schoolers, Pizza & Story Telling

A wonderful art teacher once told me that when she asks a classroom of first graders if they like art, all the hands in the room shoot up.  Ask the same question of that same class six years later, and only a handful of kids still raise their hand. It’s her theory that without meaning to, well-meaning adults telling kids how and where and what to draw eventually zap the creative spirit of these kids. They start believing they aren’t creative. They give up.

Remember writing fun stories in elementary school about living on the moon or rescuing kittens from trees or time traveling to the year 2249 just to see what was there? Just because you’re not still six years old doesn’t mean you can’t still write those stories!

Creative writing is an art. It’s not sentence diagraming or grammar lessons or book reports. It’s telling the stories you want to tell, using your words, your experiences, your imagination. For some, it’s a great way to work through problems or issues or things going on in their lives. For others, it’s a way to escape, have fun with their own crazy, creative thoughts. For others, it’s like candy, something fun and frivolous and they love it even if they pretend they don’t.

 Friday Night Writes is a program designed to tap that creative writing spirit in middle schoolers. We gather for pizza, we share stories, and we write. We also laugh. A lot.

We meet weekly for eight weeks. The group is limited to ten students. Cost? $250/student for the eight weeks. Pizza and lemonade included.

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